Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spark of Inspiration!

One day while browsing through my normal internet sites I came across a candle holder fashioned from a stave us a used wine barrel. I thought that it looked simple enough to make and with our connections into the wine industry I'd try it out. I order my first batch of staves to see how hard it would be and as I thought it wasn't a problem at all...at least so I thought.

The problem wasn't making the candle holder - it was all the ideas that came into my mind once I held the wood in my hands. I only ordered ten boards and before I could even think of making all the different styles I was out barrel staves. I had to order and additional 10, then 12, then 20...I finally started purchasing whole barrels from a local winery. That has allowed my creations to flow and provided me with a more consistent quality of wood.
Keeping with a unique look I've added barrel strapping to some of the staves, cut some down to offer different looks. It seems to be those finishing touches that is making my items stand out.

This candle holder was cut down to 28" from 35" and holds 5 votives. The strapping was hand cut and tacked back on to give it that original barrel look.

I'm also finding that providing the completed package with tea lights and votives a HUGE help in my sales.
Now...if only I could walk through a store without thinking "I could us that!"

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